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chance of HIV

I had un protected oral sex with a girl I met at the club- not sure whether she is HIV+ or HIV-.

I did oral on her for couple of min, she didn't ejaculate in my mouth (not sure about the precum fluids) and she did oral on me.

I got fever and dizzines the next day and it lasted for 5 days.

Now I am really scared about the chances of getting HIV- Can someone tell me what are my chances please
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You did not have a risk, oral sex is not a risk for HIV.
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Thanks Vance, I read on some websites that there is a chance of getting it through oral.What are the chance of symptoms showing up next day.
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There is no chance of contracting HIV from oral sex.
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Thanks Teak..
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is there a chance to see HIV symptoms starting next day..sorry for my questions i am little scared
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"A chance" to see HIV symptoms is there only if one had an exposure. You were never exposed, then why would you see them?
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Health authorities everywhere classify oral sex as a "low risk" activity. It is in actuality an academic approach. Purely theoritical. In the history of HIV/AIDS, spread over three decades, there is no proven evidence that someone acquired the infection through oral sex alone.

What has been gathered through experience, statistics and records, HIV is tranmitted though

1. Unprotected anal and vaginal sex
2. Transfusion of un-screened blood (this is a threat in developing world only)
3. Sharing IV works for drugs
4. From mother to child

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Thanks diver.. That helped me to calm down
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