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condom break


Had sex with a sex worker oral and vaginal. Used the same condom for oral and for vaginal and she performed a hand job while wearing rings on his fingers. Could be the condom damaged??

I did not noticed any condom break, but i have doubts if any small hole could happened, because the next mornig i had nausea and vomiting (puke). I also had diarrhea and fever.

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If the condom broke you would have known it because it would not be covering you anymore.
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Did you see the condom fail? If not, you were not at risk.
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no i did not se the condom fail, but i did a test at home, i pick up a condom and with a small needle i made several holes, the put the condom on, and wank. the result:


This is my doubt, could be any small hole not noticiable and have catched something, because how do you explain next mornig vomits fever and diarrea??

Or do you think is too soon to show symptoms if a transmission had ocurred??

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You never had a risk.
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thanks teak!!

You quit of my anxiety.

A question aside.

Symptos are too early to appear in 8 hours aren they??
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Don't play the symptoms game. You didn't have risk.
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