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ex boyfriend

My first boyfriend had some crazy friends, although i dont know him to have ever injected drugs or had bi-sexual experiences he definately hung around with some people who did.

We have been apart for a long number of years and he added me on a social networking site the other day.

I spoke to him on the chat and it turns out since i saw him last he has four different children with three different mothers all from long term relationships. He lives in a country where hiv testing is routinely done on all pregnant women, and the mothers and the children all seem perfectly fine and he looks very well and has a new girlfriend.

Would it be highly likely he could be hiv positive and not have passed it on to any of these mothers and still not know himself, after maybe twelve years?
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Yes it is possible, but very unlikely
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I got the time wrong, it's about ten and a half years, would it still be as unlikely? Can fathers pass HIV onto their child through the sperm without having infected the mother?
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If you are worried about HIV get tested, Guessing will only feed your anxiety. As I said it is very unlikely he has HIV, but possible.
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Ok I will, can fathers pass it onto children though without having infected the mother? Just interested
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Thanks for that
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