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herbal supplements affect hiv test?

Hi, I have one time unprotected sex with female unknown status, I tested with rapid finger prick 24 week (168 days) and non reactive/negative.

So, 24 week prior to my antibody test and in the time of test (all that time with no pause) i was using herbal tablets of herb Andrographis paniculata, honey, propolis and pomegranate juice . I am constantly worring that maybe this thing could make false negatives. Please to clarify that it is not possible. Thank you
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Hi.. I wanted to take time to thank you all of you.. Last week after my (1 year 1 month after high risk event) i have my hiv rapid test again at my govement clinic because i want to get married next month (procedure my country).. and the result is Non Reactive.. You guys are true and i feel it not nice not to share with you.. 90 days (12 week) is always conclusive.. thank you again guys.. may god bless you all.. :)
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You've over-tested and tested conclusively negative. It's time for you to move on. You don't have HIV.

If you are unable to accept your result, it would be advisable to see a therapist.
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Had you taken any earlier tests?  If so when, what kind and results?
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I have earlier test using rapid finger prick :

1) alere determine 4th gen duo AG/AB at 6 week (41 days)  - NEGATIVE

2) HIV rapid finger 3th gen at 12/13 week (84 and 92 days) - NEGATIVE

3) alere determine 3th gen at 21 week ( 147 days)

4) HIV rapid finger 3th gen at 24 week (168 days) - NEGATIVE
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Your herb use did not affect your HIV test. They're all just a placebo effect, anyway. It has been repeatedly stated by HIV experts that the only drugs that interfere with HIV results are PEP/PrEP drugs, which you did not take. You're conclusively negative.
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Thank you so much for your answer.. Really appreciate
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Your tests are conclusive. You don't need to test further.
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Thank you sir.. Just to clarify even if I was taking herb, propolis etc 24 week before my test and in time of test too, an HIV test is conclusive right?
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