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hiv concern

Hi Everyone. Hoping I can get yours and Teaks opinion here please. I know I have had irrational fears regarding hiv previously but I am very concerned. I had a test done in July 2017. It was negative. Since then only been with one partner and also been using protection. I went for a general check up at quest diagnostics in Los Angeles. I was the last patient of the day and basically they were doing scanning/clearing up while I was there. I was facing the side onwards toward the lady doing this. I felt something go in my eye. Also the needle was definitely not in a plastic cover. I asked him to show me it was clean and he did by disposing of one in a container and then taking out another but I saw these needles in a drawer but no plastic on them, just a plastic lift off cover. I was concerned a little bit but have had these phobias before so brushed it off. 15 days later came down with shaking chills, low fever, headache (a bad one), and muscle aches, low appetite. This lasted around 20 hours. I was very stressed during this time and this increased by worry that I might catch something. I developed bad sore throat two weeks after with swollen gland on one side. This is where I got really worried. I have lost my appetite twice in the past two months. Once, a week after the sore throat and then again now. I have no appetite, smell of food makes me nauseated and often nauseated. This lasted about a week last time. I know it's not anxiety and am not on medications. My tongue is fairly white but two doctors have told me I don't have oral thrush. I would like to know if these symptoms are in line with hiv.  I have already had much blood work done, not yet for hiv. My white blood cell count was 4.31, a little lower than previous blood work I looked at one year ago. Very concerned here. Could anyone comment on these symptoms please. I am scared to be tested now. I know it sounds irrational but not sure what is going on, because I can't eat for a whole week each time and have already started to lose weight because of it.
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Other thing is I have had night sweats sometimes since then. They are only involving my hair and my neck and possibly back. I read online this is a symptom of hiv.
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Your story is a bit unclear but it seems you think the clinic gave you HIV, which makes no sense.
You don't have any medical training, so it is unrealistic to think that you know how to do the nurse's job and he doesn't. He is not infecting people while he works. Nothing went in your eye at the clinic either.
Consider a therapist to try to deal with these fears.
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I hope you'll consider the option of seeking out a therapist to help you overcome this crippling health anxiety that you clearly have regarding HIV.  You've been posting here for close to 10  years with a variety of non risk situations and you seem to see HIV around every corner. That's no way to live because there is no quality of life when you're stuck in a downward spiral of panic over everything under the sun causing a disease that, in reality is really not as easy to infect as you and others who post here seem to think it is. I hope you'll seek out therapy because this is not a healthy obsession to live with, and you should want something better for yourself than this.
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