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hiv from possible semen on couch

Hello Team
You may have received very bizzare bizarre queries and this may be one of them. Couple of days ago, we visited a KTV bar with few friends. We were given a room which had a L shaped sofa and TV and music system. There would be girls who would join you for some foreplay and stuff -no sex allowed in the room. Now coming to my query, before the girls came we boys were just engaged in a friendly banter and one of them pinned me down on the sofa. At that moment my nose came in contact with a slimy substance. I am not sure if it was semen but I thought it to be the case. Now I can be sure it was not from anyone of us. Assuming it was indeed semen what is the chance that it will infect someone outside the host of that person had inhaled the same. Because i was pinned down I suspect little would have gone into my nose.
Since it is outside the host would there be any chance of infection.
I did not engage with the girls after this as I was very worried about this

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The only risks for HIV transmission are unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. Touching semen or other bodily fluids will not result in transmission as air inactivates the virus.  You've got no HIV worry  here.
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HIV cannot survive outside a living host. Body fluids exposed to the environment are not infectious for HIV.
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This is not an HIV concern at all. Move on with your life normally
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Thank you. My last query because nasal cavity is a mucous membrane and I understand they are generally transmitted through mucous membranes,  is it a risk given it is not direct transmission
Thank You
As others have stated, once outside of the body, any fluids are rendered non-infectious.  Also, no one has ever contracted HIV via the nose.
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