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hiv symptoms

today marks 3 months and a week after my exposure. my condom failed while having sex with a csw. she seemed disturbed by the fact that it broke because she kept asking me if i ejaculated inside. long story short, she gave me candida. i then developed a white tongue from week 2 until today and a slightly swollen lymph node in the neck for just as long. now i have a cancer sore 1 each month for the previous 3 months and some tiny bumps started forming on my chest yesterday, very few so far. i am so stressed out. all these 3 months. i 'm afraid with all these symptoms i will turn out positive and i just graduated.*sigh. life
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Your situation is straightforward, however you have chosen to live in fear for no reason by doing nothing instead of taking a test.
Only a test can determine if you have hiv. The result will not be determined by how anxious you are or how many symptoms you have misdiagnosed into thinking they are hiv..
You could have taken a duo test for a conclusive result after 4 weeks, so choosing to live with fear all this time made no sense. Any test now will be conclusive, so do that instead of wasting every day, all day, worrying.
Your symptoms prove nothing, so no one here pays attention to symptoms. See your doc for medication to relax you so you can take a test, because no one here can do that.
ok, will see my doc this week. but is it true though, that you can have all these symptoms and more and be negative. or that a single exposure is a risk but not that big a risk
Your situation is straightforward, however you have chosen to live in fear for no reason by doing nothing instead of taking a test.
Your result most probably will be negative. Symptoms don't mean any thing. This forum experiences about 1000s of posts in a month claiming they had all possible HIV ARS symptoms. However, they all end up posting negatives consistently.

Your risk was low. You were only unprotected for a brief moment, until your condom broke. In my 10 years of supporting people at where I live or in this forum, I haven't seen any one posting positive from a condom breakage exposure during vaginal intercourse. This virus is difficult to transmit, it usually takes multiple exposures for a male to contract it from an infected female partner.

All said and done, you can only know with a test. You are in a timeframe where you can just get out and take a test to know, take it. You are gonna feel a lot better on the other side. I promise it's going to be negative.
I agree with mikeno that this was very low risk as a single exposure.  I would expect a negative test but go ahead and do test to make sure.  
thanks for the confidence boost guys. these symptoms have been stressing me for months. will post my results soon
If she provided the condom, she is likely negative and used it to protect herself, otherwise why pay money for it?
she did...fingers crossed
I wouldn't even worry while waiting because she is negative otherwise wouldn't be wasting money.
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