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hiv test

Had risky exposures and needed to get tested for std's. everything came out negative at 5 months. later got tested for hiv with rapid test where they use oral fluid and this was negative. this about 6 months after last sexual activity. is this conclusive and is rapid test reliable? read on aids website that a series of tests is recommended at 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months. i only got tested at 6 months and not before, is this ok

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Any antibody test at 3 months or beyond is conclusive...you don't have HIV.
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thanks very much. no need for standard blood test because rapid one is just as reliable? and one last thing, do hangnails pose a portal of entry for HIV if someone's blood got on it?
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1-no need other testing methods
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why do people have such difficulty accepting that their 3 months and more negative test is conclusive? it's really hard
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because you keep thinking about it..you tested and its negative..so time to move on
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i know. do you have any words or advice on how I can move on so I can stop being obsessed with something I do not have? I'm trying not to think about it but it keeps coming back.
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go look at your test report again..look at the word negative
if you cant move on then you should get some professional help
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thank you kumar. i have already set up an appointment with a psychologist and I am really hoping it helps me. thanks again for your time
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