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is there a difference in antibodies test between hiv 1 & 2 ?

is there a difference in old antibodies test between hiv 1 & 2 ? I'm from Africa so there are no combo test or 4th generation test
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Prevention is better than cure.
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Not sure what your asking, but you can take ANY HIV test at 12 weeks for a conclusive result for HIV 1 HIV2.  
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What was your risk?
i have several complications one of them is seborrheic dermatitis on face,   hand and feet eczema,  chronic parotitis
You didn't answer the question, what was your risk, please?
a used needle
Did you see it yourself to be re-used?  If Yes,  why didn't you stop it?
no i didn't see it but next time i will say no :D
In that case, we can't do "what-ifs" here.  No one is going to poke you with an infected needle, that thought is irrational.  

FYI,  Sebhorric Dermatitis is a genetic and hormonal issue.  You always had it, anxiety and other recurrent emotion can trigger it frequently for you. Stop reading about HIV in your phone and computer. Please see a doctor for your discomforts.  I strongly feel,  HIV is not your concern.

One love!
thanks for the support, and advice for the future " don't say to anyone why you didn't do or not do something "
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If I did understand your question correctly, the antibody test should look for HIV 1 & 2 simultaneously. However,  if you tell us the name of the test, we could be of more help.
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hiv antibodies test ( aids test )
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