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negative hiv test but all symptoms

Hi about a year ago i used a needle intraveniously and didnt know for sure it was clean. A few days later even though i was usually constipated due to heroin use my bowrls completly emptied dueto diahrea. Within 6 weeks of the high risk situaltion i developed a sore through red tongue with bumps hot flashes extreme lethargyred spots on my arms that apeared to similar to burns. I had night sweats. For a week or 2 my semen had air bubbles in it. I had lung problems. Felt sick. The only thing i didnt get was a fever.Muscle and joint aches. My tongue was burning. And i had a strange smell in my nose. Immeadiatly after i was tested negative. My doctor ran blood work that came back ok. I went to an infectious disease doctor. Got rna tested came back neg. Maybe a week shy of 3 months i was tested again rna and elisa and they came bavk negative as well. My doctor reassured me that i was ok. The symptoms went away and i forgot about it. But i still get little red spots on my arms and pimple type things on my back i never got before. I beleive someone may habe tricked me into using a contanminated need but it would have been over 10 min since it could have been contaminated and i used tap watet from bx ny. I dont have any immune problems but i have been thinking about it lately and its coming up on a year and im scared it may have been a false negative. Can i get an expert opinion? Im going to go to planned parenthood and get the finger prick test again this week. That was the last test i got at exactly 3 months and it came back nehative
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Your conclusively negative.
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It was just so strange that i got all the symptoms right after i used the syringe. I mean i was really sick. What i read is that most people just mistake catching the virus for the flu then the hiv goes undetected for years.
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