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p24 testing

how and where do i go about getting a p24 test?
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or a duo test?
are all the finger prick blood test duo test?
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You can't get a DUO test in the US.
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how would i go about getting a p24 test? A hospital, a clinic?
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Your doctor's office.
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My doctors office is not in nyc is there an emergency facility i can go to such as a clinic or a hospital. Also id prefer that an HIV test not appear on my parents healthcare sheet or whatever. I rather just pay it out of pocket
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Contact the local STD testing center and ask.
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One more question is the NAT test the same thing?

If i wanted to get my status as soon as possible what should i ask for?
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No. NAT test is a PCR-RNA test.
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You'll get a conclusive result 3 months post exposure like you have been told over and over.
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I know that teak but there are test that can tell me now. there have to be i have heard of them. P24 is one but i donno how to aquire it. NAT test is another but i believe its only given for giving blood and that seems a little moraly unaceptable to give blood in order to find out my HIV status even though i guess its not too bad if i actually give blood. (I donno what PCR-RNA means)

I called two for profit testing sites they claimed not to have the damn p24.

I have also convinced my roomate to get tested today and he needs a P24 because he has had unprotected sex twice recently. I have never been able to get him to agree to a test so i want to make sure we do it today.
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P24 and PCR-RNA tests are not stand alone tests. They have to be followed up with an antibody test.
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