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pine lymph nodes and pine joints

Hello, I had a protected relationship, vaginal sex and an unprotected relationship, oral sex. I did the test 6 weeks after the relationship, a fourth-generation combo in the laboratory, and the results came back after two hours, non-interactive. I know that protected sex does not transmit the HIV virus, but after 6 weeks I feel pain and tingling under the palate and in my neck, and there are small painful glands in addition to a large knot on the right back muscle, very painful, and pain in the joints. My question is 1) Are these symptoms a result of delayed inversion The serum is after 6 weeks, and that is why my result was false negative. Do I have to repeat the test, the remaining two weeks have completed 3 months? Should I repeat the analysis at this time, or is my analysis in the laboratory a quick analysis and not an analysis by a device because the result appeared after two hours or a little less. I contacted the laboratory and they told me to cut after 40 days. What should I do? The swelling behind my neck is very painful.
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You already seem aware that you had no risk for hiv.  HIV is spread by having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing iv needles to inject drugs. Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  No risk means that none of whatever symptoms you think you having are related to hiv.  
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Why are these symptoms, after 5 or 6 weeks, the glands are enlarged, in addition to a knot behind the neck, swollen and painful, which leads to pain in the entire neck muscles, in addition to a lump at the bottom of the jaw?
Since you can't have hiv, you should look elsewhere for the cause of your medical issues (if they really exist.) See your doctor because you don't have any medical training so it is not surprising that your self-diagnosis is incorrect.
You have fixated on the only disease you can think of that might cause problems, which is poor methodology to use when diagnosing, especially since you can't even have hiv. It's could be cancer - numerous other possibilities exist - but in many cases, you're not the one who is able to diagnose it.
thank you
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