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safe or not?

I am gay and I am concerned if I have had sex safelly.
The first time I had anal sex, I was toping, I used a condom but I think the condom was expired, I used the condom and think i used it correctly. I think the guy that was being a bottom is HIV +. That is why I am so concerned, I also kissed him very deep and i bit his lips, but I didnt see that his lips were bleeding and neither were mine. I know the guy had diabetes because he didnt have all his teeth and he couldnt erect his ****, also because he has some problems in one of his feet

Second time I was a bottom, the guy was touching his **** and jo before putting the condom on, we practiced anal sex. He told me to inhale "popper" to reduce the pain of having anal sex, actually i didnt feel anything. I have heard that poppers increase the risk of getting HIV. So was I at risk? He used a condom. By the way I had some trouble when putting the condom because I think the condom was a little smaller than the size of his ****, so we tried other condoms. But still the same problem. We had anal sex for 1 minute, he didnt ***, I decided not to have anal sex.

My third time was oral sex, this is the one that worries me. I recivd oral sex from a guy I was getting to know, that was the second day we met. He said he is HIV negative and he doesnt like anal sex, so he practices oral sex, he is the kind of guy that likes to "mess around", we had oral sex and I didnt use a condom, I cummed in his mouth and he swallowed it. What are the risks of getting an STD or HIV? I didnt suck his **** because my mouth was bleeding after brushing my teeth 2 hours before that. i kissed his lips, just like a hello kiss, not make out, a kiss for like 1 second, you know the kind of kiss to say hello, we had our mouth closed, it was an small kiss, lips to lips. Any risk for the kiss? oral sex?

And my fourth encounter was with a guy, he sucked my **** for 30 seconds. Then i decided to use a condom, i received oral sex and I cummed in the condom. Any risk during the 30 seconds.

By the way my family work in the medical field I recieved a good edication about HIV so I am always concerned when I have sex with someone. I always make sure everything is safe. But some people told me oral sex is safe so started to practice oral sex without a condom. i was reading the CDC article about oral sex and they say oral sex is a low risk practice but it doesnt mean that there is no risk, they say that the risk is 8/100. so is it true?
They also say that getting HIV fpracticing oral sex is common. People say there is no risk but CDC say that actually it is a risky practice.

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You were NEVER at risk of contracting HIV with any of your situations.
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but what about the unprotected oral sex, did I tell you the guy like to have casual sex? I had oral sex without protection with a guy that have causal sex
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You don't contract HIV from oral sex.
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what about deep kissing, that was with the first guy, I slept with him and I kissed him and bit his lips. The one I think is HIV positive
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You don't contract HIV by kissing. HIV is transmitted by the following.
Unprotected anal and vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug abusers
Mother to infant.
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