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shingles - early sign of HIV

Hello Doctor, I am a 34yr old male. My sex life is on average very very limited due to my extreme work schedule however about two months ago I had oral sex with a guy but never swallowed, a week later i had protected sex with a condom with a female prostitute. After these two experiences, i had no signs or symptoms of anything out of the ordinary however i've been under extreme emotional stress for several weeks at a time due to work. Now about two weeks ago i was diagnosed with Shingles. I started my medication within the 72hr window, after i began the prescription the blisters and pain began to disappear after only two days and within 4 days after i began the prescription i had no blisters or pain. The blisters i did have did not burst and i have no scaring either. Its now been a little over two weeks and all i have is a little bit of itchy skin where the rash was the worse. My biggest fear is that everything i read on Shingles states that it is often the first sign of HIV in young adults and i'm extremely afraid that my two experiences may have lead to a possible acute collapse in my immune system that caused the Shingles or worse i am in the late stage of HIV and these shingles may have been a result of an OI (Opportunity Infection). At the moment i still feel physically fine however all i can think of is the worse and i'm afraid that my life is going to come to an end very soon, can you please help with some advise??
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I'm not a medical professional but from these occurances Hiv is unlikely. Oral is a rare route to transmit HIV & the condom was a substantial barrier.
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thats what i was thinking at first, but i'm just afraid that maybe from pre-semen i may have been infected... Its just scary and i so regret the bloody experience now. Wish i could go back in time and change everything......
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At no time were you at risk of contracting HIV in the situations you provide. Oral Sex does not transmit HIV and you had protected sex.
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In that case what are the possibility that the shingles was the result of a possible Oppertunity Infection?? By the way thank you very much for all the responses!
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See a Dr for your shingles.
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I just got my results back, and i'm happy to say that it all came back Negative!! Thanks for all the support!
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