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'special circumstance' HIV risk question

I'm gonna try and make a long story short.

I am gay, I started seeing a guy while traveling out of the country. we are both in our early 20s. I have a history of prostatitis and UTIs, and I was pretty sure I had one shortly after I started seeing this guy. I was worried it may have been an sti, so I looked everywhere for a doctor (which was difficult abroad). After I met with the doctor he said I had cystitis or an infection of some kind (he couldnt be sure what) and treated me with antibiotics. After a few days, it seemed to get better. Anyway, I spoke with the guy I have been seeing and asked him about his sexual history, he said he was tested a month ago, and hasn't partaken in any risky sex acts. I have sever anxiety and OCD and have a problem trusting anyone. To make matters worse, while we were having sex, the condom broke not once, but twice. And one of the times I came inside of him without even realizing it until later.

SO, my question is: ASSUMING he was in fact infected, should I seriously be considering the possibility of becoming infected, if in fact i had an infection in my urethra? And in general?I am experiencing a sensitivity where my urethral opening is.

this is the first time this has happened, and I always have practiced safe sex in the past. He suggested we get tested to put my mind at ease, but I also feel that he is very sexually active and a three month window is still there. I am completely in my head and paranoid about this. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Because of a broken condom you had an HIV risk and should test.
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I'm aware of the risk, of course. I suppose the question would instead be is this considered a high risk also given the possible infection? Should I prepare myself for the worst? Is it likely that i was infected
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Impossible to say if you were likely infected, even if he had HIV still impossible to answer.
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