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urinary infection~

have sex with prostitude with codom.Prosttitude licked my but,and my but has hemorrhoids,i am not sure whether my but is bleeding or not.when my took off the codom after sex,my hair on the **** has hockers' humour contacted my glans for a long time.I got the urinary  two weeks later.Will I infect AIDS?
urinary infection~
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i went back and read your previous posts...and for the life of me...i cant figure out what the heck you're trying to say or ask.

i'm gonna give it a shot in the dark here.

originally you posted about a paper cut on your finger and something about a piece of paper.  not sure what that's about.

so now...you're stating that you had condom protected sex but that the pro licked you and you had hemorrhoids and you are wondering if that put you at risk.  is that correct?

hiv is transmitted through...

unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse (penetration)
sharing iv drug works with an infected person
mother to child

PERIOD ! ! !
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SORRY I help this question which others asked
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i ask this question on behalf of my friend~
sorry for the confusion~
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