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verry worried

Hi im an indonesian 22 male, on 21february i was having a vaginal penetrative sex with a Csw. i was using a condom at first then then condom suddenly slip inside her vagina, i dont know how long i was exposed then when she realized the condom was missing, i immediately took a new condom from my wallet.

a days after i went to a doctor because i was worried and the doctor just told to held a test after few months if i was not mistaken, and she said risk of single exposure is low. and even lower if i not get  any std which im not.

exactly a month after which is 4 weeks on 21 march i got a sore throat with a mild fever, very slight headache, and night sweats every nigths.
the fever is mild i can walk and do activities at home.and yeah the sore throat was pretty bad i would say its probably a strep throat with a yellow spots on tonsils. i was taking an antibiotics and some paracetamol. on third days the sore throat was a lot better, but the fever is still there and i was chilling and sweating.

i know i should get tested as symptoms arent clear. but i was so afraid to get tested.i tried yo contacted the csw she said she was clear of any diseases as its a good famous place with doctor checking every week and testing every 5months.

now i just wokeup at the middle of nigth with night sweats and very worried. any explanation on what typical ars should be will help.  i read in some article it can happen 1-3 weeks and last at least 2 weeks.

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hi @ Jackiechan18 your exposure in February 2019 right? now September 2019 means it's been 8 months after exposure, do you still have symptoms as you mentioned? are you back to doing risky activities again? and also to eliminate anxiety you should test, 8 months have also passed the window period, back again with the test results
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This is not a chat forum. You never had a risk. Please see a therapist for your guilt. HIV is not your problem.
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Mostly when a condom slips, the urethra remains protected.
Yes, there is also a possibility that you might have penetrated with out protection.

As suggested by the expert, your risk is certainly low since in a female to male transmission scenario, one episode of unprotected intercourse is considered to be a low risk as this virus is fragile and thus, difficult to transmit.

It is illogical for you to focus on symptoms, HIV symptoms coincide with plenty of ailments that can occur generally to anyone, on any given day. Also, most of the time people complaining about these symptoms experience psychosomatic issues.

You are in time to just get out of your home and take a IV generation HIV test for a definitive result. Take it, instead of doing your little guesswork.

It's most likely to be negative.

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Advice isn't going to change.  If you had an exposure which yours sounds very minimal at worst case scenario, you have to test.  All the what if's and side effects are not telling anyone (including you) anything as HIV is not diagnosed based on side effects.  Only a test will provide answers.  I'm absolutely sure it will be negative but take a test and rule this worry of yours out.  Then you can quit wasting time on HIV worry and work on getting healthy again.  
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