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window period of the usa natinal cdc

Allow me to post a similar question again.I visted the usa cdc website,and it shows that,6 months is conclusive,
the link is:http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/testing/resources/qa/be_tested.htm

Some one kind in this forum answered me that,it was changed to 3 omnths in 2004.

But in USA,every state has its own cdc,they have differnet guidelines.And,what is the window period of the national cdc of USA,but not the window period recommended by a certain state's cdc.

I am waiting for your help, please.
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3 months is the window perios end of story
Only those who are IV drug users or on cancer treatment would need to test out to 6 months
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Move on the information you have given is incorrect and old. Before you post make sure you find the correct information.
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