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worried about exposure.

Hi all I'm just after a bit of advice. I recently visited a sauna with a friend and whilst I was there a few things happened that have concerned me. I never had any anal or oral sex at all. I was in the video lounge and I stepped in semen as it was slippery and sticky. I have a small area on my foot that has sensitive soft pink skin caused by hyperhydrosis. If infected can the HIV infected semen can be absorbed through this sensitive soft skin into my body? Also I used a sachet of lube from a basket to masturbate myself. I squeezed it and checked for damage and it seemed fine with no leaks but once used it did start to sting and had to wash it off, can lube be contaminated with HIV? The next thing was a guy came and sat next to me and rubbed the top of my penis with his thumb. I'm worried he may have had some sort of infected fluid on his thumb which could place HIV on my urethra as he rubbed it several times. I intend to get tested as i have had what i think are sore lymph nodes. I get sublte pains around my neck and groin and im very worried iv contracted HIV. I can feel my nodes, around 1 cm in size and bean shaped. Is this normal? Thanks for your help
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First of all, are you absolutely positive it was semen you stepped in or could it possibly have been some type of lube? Even if it had been semen, it had been exposed to air and temperature changes which would render any virus contained in it inactive. NO RISK

Second, this hyperhidrosis you have causes "sensitive soft pink skin....." it does NOT cause large, open, gaping, bleeding wounds. Your skin may have been "sensitive," but HIV is NOT absorbed through the skin. NO RISK

Third, the sachet of lube would not be infected with HIV. (Exposure to air if it was already open and sterile if new) If it contained any alcohol or scented oils, that could easily have caused it to sting. You washed it off and I assume that solved the stinging problem. NO RISK

Fourth, the person who came in and rubbed the head of your penis would not transmit HIV to you. Even if he had just come from another room with an HIV+ person, the time it would take for him to come from that room to yours would have adequate time for any fluids to be exposed to air and be rendered inactive. (Did he even bother to wash his hands before he fondled you?) If not, that's just gross but NO RISK.

HIV is NEVER diagnosed by symptoms.

I would say that you may be coming down with a cold or the flu, which explains the swollen lymph nodes, but I'm guessing you're also poking at them rather frequently. They don't like that.

Anxiety can also be adding to your problems. If you are reading on the stupid symptom sites about ARS, our minds can actually create those symptoms. Our minds are extremely powerful.

Acute Retroviral Syndromes (ARS) looks like a strong flu with high fever, which will not appear for 2-6 weeks after the point of possible infection and normally last 7-10 days. The symptoms you are experiencing are NOT early symptoms of HIV.

There are ONLY three ways (outside of a medical setting) that you can acquire HIV. I have listed them here for you. If you have NOT engaged in either #1 or #2, YOU HAD NO RISK. #3 does not apply to you.

1) Unprotected insertive anal/vaginal sex with an HIV+ partner

2) Sharing drug works (IV needles) with an HIV+ person

3) HIV+ woman to her unborn child.

You never had a risk, but if it will give you peace of mind, then by all means test.

Any test taken at 12 weeks will be 100% conclusive.

Always be safe.
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Thank you for taking the time to reply to me it seems to make sense on what you are saying. The only other thing was I had a bruise on my arm that I noticed once I had left and was not sure if perhaps I had been stuck with something. It looked like a hole but I dont recall feeling any thing.
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You're concerned about a bruise? Seriously?

You obviously hit your arm on something and it bruised. Period.

EVERYBODY finds bruises on their body without remembering how they got there!

And how does a bruise look like a hole?

You need to stop obsessing about this. A bruise has nothing whatsoever to do with HIV.  
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Thanks for the replies. I was worried I may have been stuck with a needle as it was dark and tge type of mark,  a ring shaped vruise with a lighter area ib tge middle but no blood. I never felt anything though. It has been 3 weeks, No sign of a bad flu but last night I did have a night sweat which has seriously worried me. I would not say I have been knowingly anxious it's just been on my mind. Could this night sweat be a one of for no reason?
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