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what ppo should i go with

i have a family  of six and i have been looking for heath insurance for my fammily for too long i want to get the best plan possible for my family. i know that hmo's aren't the best. so i am looking for coverage that has PPO's. what is the best one for my family to have.
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Dear iatspoe,

Best plan possible for your family, depends on your families needs.
You can see what is available in your area by doing an online search or by talking to a reputable Licensed agent. If you choose to do an on-line search, it is important to use a website that offers all top rated Carriers. At eHealthInsurance.com (where I work) you can get free quotes & compare different plan benefits for top rated Carriers, by simply providing your zip code & date of birth. If you come across any questions or need recommendations, you can call and ask to speak to a licensed agent.


Amir mostafaie  

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HI there. To answer your question, there is no BEST policy for everyone. Every family has different needs, different wants, and different budgets. I would say that a PPO should be the way to go so that you can pick and choose what doctors you would like to go to. Most of my clients these days prefer PPO's for that reason and others.

I am an insurance broker and I would be glad to help you shop and compare different plans for your family. If you would like you can call me anytime at 1-877-356-4678 ext 321 and I will guide you in the right direction.

Thanks  and I look forward to hearing form you!

Adam Segall
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