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23 years old. Heart disease-heart attack concerns...

How common is it for a 23 year old male to have heart disease or a heart attack. I have no real family history of heart attacks-heart disease. (or any other real illness for that matter. We are a pretty lucky bunch I guess!) but I was just kind of curious on how long it takes for plaque and stuff to build in arteries and what not.

any advice?
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Hi joey.

I am no doctor, but I've been obsessing with the heart for year due to my palpitations (skipped beats)

Heart disease at 23 is possible but not common, why? Because plaque takes years to build,  that's why its so common in middle aged men and women.

However if someone is born with an artery or heart defect that person can develop heart diease at a young age.

You don't have a obvious history of heart disease your young you're low risk.

Stay active and eat healthy and that will reduce your risk for heart disease by a lot.

Remember I am no doctor, if you're concerned about your heart seek advice from a doctor by paying him a visit.

Good luck and good health :)
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Thanks DR Huxtable. ;)

Yeah, I didn't think I would be at any real risk. I have no family history, I am young. I do not drink (never touched a drop.) and have never smoked or used drugs.
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The odds of having a heart attack at your age is approx. one half of one percent over the next 10 years assuming everything else is normal. Could it happen? Yes but very, very unlikely unless you have some sort of congenital or genetic condition. You could ask your doctor, but I'm sure you'll hear the same thing. Just be proactive with watching your weight, BO and cholesterol now.

Don't worry about your heart, enjoy your youth.

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