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HIYA, ANY ADVICE ON PALPS AFTER ABLATION THEY ARE NOT AS BAD BUT STILL REALLY REALLY SCARY i get them more now than what i did before my ablation sbout 6 -8 times aday is this normal??? they are fast and i feel my heart beat thud as before i feel it in my throat still feel like passing out but never have done haven't had a follow up yet with cardiologist thats next month had my ablation though back in jan, i don't think my doctor believes i'm still having the palps i'm sure he thinks it's in my mind. any suggestions please help!!!
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Hi Kimmie28,

Welcome to the Heart Forums!  

Can you let us now a little more about your ablation (what is was for, why you had it, what your doctor said at the post-procedure checkup, etc)?  

I had two ablations for PVCs, one was right sided and one was left.  I had the first one in August and the second one in November, 2003.  After the first ablation, the Holter showed about 6,000 PVCs/24 hours and the doctor wanted to try for more improvement. It was a great decision since I have very few episodes now.

Have you worn a Holter since the procedure?
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hi i'm in the uk and unfamilar with a holter, over here it's just a 24 hr ecg.
had my ablation 4 months ago as i had real bad SVT'S my heart rate went from 60 or so bpm to 230bpm my svt's got so bad i had adenosine 3 days in a row and a weeks stay in hospital they had to burn the electrical impulses in my heart that were causing the svt attacks. svt is superventricular tachycardia i think it's similar to your pvc's but not sure.
before the op i did ask about them re-occuring but i was always told with my type of svt i definately wouldn't have any more attacks. i haven't had them as bad but they are still scary i still feel my heart pounding, fast beats, light headedness but my doctor doesn't think it's possible after an ablation. i havent seen my cardiologist since he diagnosed me in september last year every time an appointment comes through i always get a cancellation letter and another appointment. my next one is booked for next month but he will most likely cancel that one too, and now my 11 yr old son seems to have started having the svt's but i was also told it's not heredatory!!!!!!!
can you explain what pvc's are and the holter????
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Hi Kimmie28,

A Holter monitor is an extended EKG, normally worn for 24 hours.  Sounds like that exactly what you had.  They can be quite effective at capturing SVT and other arrythmias.

PVCs are premature ventricular contractions.  They are extra heartbeats that originate in the heart's ventricles.  Normal heartbeats originate from the heart's natural pacemaker, the sinus node.  It's different than SVT because the heart doesn't have to be beating fast, but it generates extra beats.

There are quite a few people in the community who have had ablations for SVT.  You may want to repost your question with "SVT...." in the subject.  You will probably get more responses.  Your explanation above is great so maybe you can copy and paste it into a new post.

My ablations were not for SVT, but for frequent PVCs.  I do know it is very common to have an "irritable" heart after any ablation.  However, I'm surprised that your doctor has not followed up since the ablation.  It's possible that what you are feeling is PVCs or PACs (premature atrial contractions, extra beats from the atria), but I can understand why you would want to find out what you're feeling.  If they cancel your appointment, could you schedule with another cardio?

Hope you're having a good day!

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hi thanks for that explanation that helps loads since reading it i have contacted my doctor and i'm back on the meds and being sent for further tests. a big big thankyou !!!!!
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Please let us know how you're doing and what you find out.....

Sounds like the doctor heard you this time  : )

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