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Anybody here successfully grew collateral and achieved 10mets stress test ?

I have atherosclerotic heart disease ,detected in feb17 , Total cut off after LAD diagonal 1 (100% blocked) ,4 arteries( Distal LCx ,OM1 , PDA and PLV ) have 90% plaques some diffused,LAD diagonal2 50% blocked. Ef 63%,in Jun-17 Attempted pci(angioplasty) in LAD diagonal 1 encountered calcified block and aborted. I have not opted for bypass surgery as my heart is responding well to medications eg Plavix,imdur,Beta blocker ,Amlodipine ,Ace inhibitor etc .Plant based diets with near zero oil ,egg whites, Once a week salman fish and Regular excercises etc are keeping me in good shape.
Last stress test has shown increase in excercise time from 7min to 9min, Last blood test has below readings
My total cholesterol 99
LDL 41,HDL 43,Triglycerides 76
LPa 40
A1c 5.6,FBS 96
No adverse events, undergoing a optimum prevention protocol
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