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Apical Hypokinesia

I was told after a heart cath that I have mild apical hypokinesia. But didnt really get much of an explanation what it was. Just trying to figure out what it is and if its something to be significantly worried about.
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This means you have diminished movement of the apical or bottom area of your heart muscle. This can be the result of previous damage or an electrical issues. Have they discussed any follow up or treatment?

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Jon is correct and to add the hypokinesis can be due to hybernating heart cells.  If there is a prolonged deficit of blood supply to the area in question, the functionality of the heart cells can be impaired,  and opening vessels to the area can revitalize the cells.  Or the cells can be necrotic from a previous heart attack, etc. and any improvement of the condition is limited.

Hypokenisis almost always lowers the EF (amount of oxygenated blood pumped with each heartbeat). Normal is 55-75% and your test should provide an estimate of your EF. The degree and location of the hypokinesis is the determining factor of concern and whether or not the heart cells a necrotic (dead).

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"opening vessels to the area can revitalize the cells"  From what source are you getting this "revitalization" of cells?   And, I'll tell you that with my years-long hypokinetic septal wall, my EF is 60%.  And, if a part of the heart is "dead," then there isn't much to do about that, is there.  Please be careful with your comments.
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my echo states that my Right ventricle appears to be upper limits of normal.... and apical portion of the Right Ventricle is mildly hypokinetic.  What the heck does all this mean.  Now I am very worried.....When I was at my Cardio doc's office and had an Echo it was my echo that I get every 6 months to keep an eye on my ascending aortic aneurysm that has stayed pretty close to the size it was when first discovered back in June of '05.  BUT, these other findings were told to me....actually all that was told to me was that my R. Ventricle appears to be upper limits of normal....Nothing about the R. Ventricle being mildly hypo kinetic????????????  Now I am scared to death and really nervous.....Do you know anything about this....?  Thank you, Christine
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Forgot to add that my EF is in the high 60's.....
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