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Arrythmogenic cardiomyopathy - anxiety regarding

Hi all,

I am really struggling to to put arvc out of my thoughts at the moment. I have had a fair few ecg's in the past and i have kept some of the copies. On most of them i have, my v1 lead has a 'typical' s wave slur/notch. I am relatively active though, and have been consistently exercising for maybe 7 or 8 years now and do have some st elevation on leads v2 v3 consistent with early repolarization. I had an echocardiogram in january this year and funnily enough it states they couldn't measure my right ventricle adequately but there isnt anything suspicious of raised pulmonary pressure.

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V1 and v2 dont look wt the rv...

Are you you symptomatic, why the echo?

And yes,  the window to see the rv on echo suckkkks!! If its a concern a cmr needs to be done along with rhc with exercise.
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I believe v1 does show a little bit of the right ventricle? as does the second phase of the p wave. (well, right atrium)

Symptom wise, sometimes i feel a flutter/skip shortly after exercise.  So i had an echocardiogram back in 2014, which was reported as normal. I also had a more updated one, this year in february.  

Ive asked for an MRI two or three times, but i get refused flat out. Costly, and inexperience in a lot of cardiologists to read them apparently!

Ive never had t wave inversions or prolonged qrs's on any of my ecg's. Holter monitors over 48 hours showed about 45 pacs per day, which is nothing really.

Would i be able to share a picture of one or two of my ecg's with you? via google drive or something?

Ahh thank you, I really appreciate that. I'll message you now to grab your email address. Chest tightness definitely not no. I don't feel heart racing or anything of the sort. Just within a few minutes of cooling down I will tend to feel some ectopics.
And of course I understand that PACs do occur around high heart rates through the adrenaline surges. I wouldnt care so much if I didn't notice these little blips on my v1 lead.  It may turn out to be absolutely normal but stupid dr google says it's a very common finding in arvc
Please understand it is against forum rules to interpret medical test results including EKG's, we are not doctors and are not qualified to do so. You should seek the opinion of a trained medical professional if you have questions.

Also, more than likely the reason you are turned down for an MRI is there simply is no sound medical reason for one. I can assure you that if there were a need they would gladly do one. The risk of a false positive is too high and could lead to other high risk procedures and costly tests.
Hi Erijon 03,

Why do you assume people on the forum are not medical clinicians?
Very few are and those that are usually list it in their profiles. Looking at yours I see nothing that would lead me to believe you are. If you are going to offer to read test results then you should be stating your qualifications. In any case, we do not interpret test results in the  scope of this forum, it is not our purpose, we are a support group.
To clarify, I was.  Until I became a patient.  I did not read his results.  I wanted to see if all the lead were placed correctly and if he needed the ekg redone.  There was no interpretation.  I dont list on my profile what my background is because I am currently not practicing due to my illness.
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I was just given a genetic test for this but I really dont know much about it.
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