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C Reactive Protein - Niaspan

I am a healthy 48 year old male, normal weight, non-smoker, formally very physically active, non-drinker with a history of heart disease in family: father (normal weight, non-smoker, triple-bypass at 62, patient died of pneumonia and brother (sedentary, very overweight), heart attack before age 40.  My blood counts:  

3/07/08: blood work (non-fasting) : CRP 5.16, CHOL 194, HDL 44, LDL 120, triglyceride  179
9/20/05: blood work (fasting): CHOL 188, HDL 65, LDL 109, triglyceride  68
6/30/04: blood work (fasting): CRP  < 1.0, CHOL 188, HDL 65, LDL 106, triglyceride  65

I do not like the trends I am seeing.  My new PCP doctor (endocrinologist) is specifically concerned about CRP reading in conjunction w/history of heart disease in my family.  He knows I eat healthy but that I have eliminated temporarily (for last 6 months) exercise due to scare associated possible lung cancer diagnosis (mentally I just do not want to work out - yet).  He has recommended Niaspan (500).  I can find zero information on the web about reducing CRP with any prescription drug.  Do other doctors look to reduce CRP levels w/Niaspan - a drug designed to improve CHOL and Triglyceride levels?  

Ideas on how my CRP can change so drastically in less than 4 years?
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CRP does not always indicate your arteries are inflamed , the inflammation could be from one of a number of sources. I'm on Niaspan because its one of the few treatments that can raise HDL while lowering LDL and increasing LDL particle size. If you are worried about CRP, the statins are really good at lowering this number, independently of what they do to your chol. numbers.
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I have had very good results from taking Niacin...and agree with erboy that C-Reactive levels could indicate many different things...

My advice would be to read the South Beach Heart Program Book...he talks at length about all these issues and reversing heart disease trends even in people with multiple risk factors.
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