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Calcium score 126

I am 49 yr old male, non-smoker, and my score has jumped 73 points in 5 years to 126 even though I have been on 5 mg (and 10 mg the past year) of rosuvastatin over the last 5 years. My LDL was 127 a year ago. Stress test 7 years ago was fine.
Any advice?

Also, is this an accurate statement?

A calcium score of 101-400 signifies intermediate risk of an event. The predicted 10-year chance of an event is between 13-16%.
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Inflammation is a part of your body’s response to an injury or illness. When you have an infection or wound, inflammation helps to fight off the bacteria and eventually facilitates the healing procedure. Build-up of cholesterol in your arteries can trigger an inflammatory response, too. Also, inflammation may promote the growth of plaques and trigger blood clots – the biggest cause of strokes and heart attacks. When a blood clot blocks an artery to your heart, you have a heart attack. If the blood clots block an artery to the brain, you have a stroke.
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