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Chest pain and fast heart rate?

Hey I’m 19 y/o women and I went to the ER the other night for on and off sharp chest pains and I’ve been having sharp pain in my rib cage and my heart rate was 150 when I got there ( I don’t remember my BP but they said it was a little high) my heart rate by the time I got back to the room went down a lot and everything looked normal but as soon as I coughed just a little bit my heart rate went to 162 and shortly after I had sharp chest pains.
  They did a ekg and a chest x ray and blood work and they all seemed normal they said. They put my on a heart monitor for two weeks because there’s obviously something wrong they said.
  Have any of you guys expierenced this and would you recommend me also setting up an appointment with a cardiologist? Any ideas on what it could mean/be ?
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I read this forum and I can understand your problem with the chest pain. Chest pain is only one of the possible signs of an impending heart attack. Doctors use several pieces of information to determine who is, and who isn't, having a heart attack. In addition to the description of your symptoms and your heart risk profile, doctors use the results of an electrocardiogram (ECG) and a blood test called cardiac troponin. But sometimes these don't immediately show abnormalities. So, what you describe to the doctor and your medical history are extremely important in determining the initial steps in your treatment.
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Holter is a good start,  but you need and echo and absolutely a chest ct-a bc of your age.  Are you on bc?
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