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Chest pain

I'm an 18 year old male and have been expericening chest pain. It only hurts when I lower my shoulders all the way. The pain is at the center of my chest and can go to my back at the center. I played basketball last Saturday and I was chest checking people so I'm guessing and hoping it's brusised I haven't had any other symptoms. Does this sound serious?
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The pain in all probability is related to some muscle pulled and possibly skeletal.  The movement of your shoulders likely stretches a sore muscle and/or puts a strain on a sensitive area.  Doesn't sound serious!  Give it some time to heal and doing bench presses may delay the healing process.
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sounds to me like you've bruised yourself, this can be sore and painful, i get this when ive carried my baby bfor a while and because its the centre i get worried but i know its my ribs or muscles, if you have pain radiating down the centre i would see a doctor or anything like dizziness, breathless.
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I can lift weights like do bench press and stuff like that. But when I like go to tie my shoe and bring my chest together it's hurts
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