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I'm an eighteen year-old female, I take anxiety and depression drugs like Buspirone 30 mg, Bupropion 150 mg, Escitalopram 30 mg and Propranolol 40 mg on a daily basis for about two years. Two weeks ago, I had an orgasm, and then I rolled to lie on my side. The moment I moved, I felt severe chest pain, I couldn't breathe, and I had all of the symptoms of a heart attack. I went to the ER (about 35 minutes after the most severe pain had passed) and my blood anzymes test, blood pressure and ECG were normal, I got an appointment with a cardiologist and she did ultrasound on me, sports testing, said all was fine.

From then, I haven't felt severe chest pain, but whenever I roll on my side or move my shoulders much or just stand on my feet for a minute or so, I might get dizzy and feel moderate chest pain. Today, after two weeks, I had another orgasm, and again, the moment I moved after that, I felt like my chest is being pressed down. I still feel pain as I am typing this, my pulse points hurt too. The pain lingers for days. It's mild but worrying.

My mother has a history of the same thing happening to her several times, but similar to my case, the doctors said everything is fine.

I think it's a bit concerning, although all of my test were normal. May I know your opinion please? thank you.

Height :(68.58 cm) Weight:139 lbs (63.05 kg)
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To be honest, this is unlikely to actually be anything related to heart health. You are on a cocktail of medication that would indicate you've been through some 'stuff'. And anxiety has been an issue. One of the medications you take is prn, the propanolol. How often do you take that? That's actually a blood pressure medication, I'm sure you realize, a beta blocker. I would not be concerned and just ask about occasional chest pain at your next well visit. How well is your anxiety controlled currently?
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