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My  HDL(40)  LDL(65) Triglycirides (78)  and cholesterol /HDL ratio is 3.0 . Which are all within the good range. Yet my total cholesterol is 121 which is below recommended range. Please explain how, why and the consequences for low reading.
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Hypocholesterolemia is defined as below 160 mg/dL or 4.1 mmol/l.

Possible causes of low cholesterol are:

Statin drugs
Adrenal insufficiency
Liver disease
Manganese deficiency
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome
Marfan syndrome
Leukemias and other haematological diseases

Dangers of low cholesterol:

Hormone deficiencies: oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, aldosterone, cortisol
Vitamin D deficiency
Weak immune system
Haemorrhagic stroke
Shorter life span
Premature babies, or full term babies with lower weight
Liver disease
Respiratory diseases eg: chronic obstructive lung disease (emphysema)
Decreased learning ability and intelligence
Slower visuomotor speed; how quick to react in emergency situations
Aortic dissection
Aggressive behavior
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That's what the numbers show when analyzing long term follow up with the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people that have been part of the studies for the past 10 plus years. Whether it is due to lower cholesterol, agenetic factor, an improved life style or whatever, if your numbers are within the recommended levels you are less likely to have a major cardiac event. There is no arguing that number, the reason may be subject to discussion.
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Just to get back on track here:
In 1994, the American Heart Association Task Force on Cholesterol Issues published a groundbreaking report about a link between total cholesterol levels of less than 160 mg/dL and an increase in deaths from trauma, some types of cancer, hemorrhagic stroke, and respiratory and infectious diseases. Since then, most additional research links very low cholesterol levels to an increased risk of depression, suicide, anxiety, impulsiveness and aggression in men and women, adolescents and adults alike.
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Your data is 20 years old, new data suggests that higher levels of cholesterol are the primary causes of most neurologic and brian disorders including Alzhemiers along with increased risks of several types of cancers.
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Let's keep the conversation focused on the OP's concerns, please.  Remember that this is a Heart Disease community.  If you wish to discuss other diseases/disorders, please do so in the appropriate community.  Thank you.
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In case you missed it, we are talking about low levels of Cholesterol here. Low Cholesterol reduces Serotonin levels in the brain leading to the mentioned symptoms. Doesn't make a difference. What was true 20 years ago is still true today.
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