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Hear Murmur

Dear Doctors,

My name is Azaz Hassan and i am 27 year old. I have heart murmur abut which i came across in 2006. I have done so far echocardiography, ETT, ECG and there is one other test which i don't know exactly in which a probe is taken down through a mouth into the stomach to see the heart murmur. From these tests, it has been detected that it is heart murmur. I just want to ask that what negative effect is in future of this if I don't operate it timingly. According to my Doctor, he says that it is by birth and it is on the right side of heart which is indeed abnormal but there is no need of intervention. He says to me that of-coarse when you will check and in heart different tests, the tests will come abnormal but it is not a harmful.

Please any one among you (cardio specialist) can give suggestion that should i operate it or not. To be honest so far i don't feel any pain or any thing bad about it and i feel very normal. I play different type of sports and so far never feel any thing bad. I am just asking that if in future if this heart murmur create some problem, don't you think that i should operate (ballooning, angiography, angioplasty or surgery) or there is no need of intervention as i am feeling good and healthy?

Please reply I will wait for you kind suggestion.

Thanks and regards,

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An echocardiogram (doppler) is the appropriate test to evaluate the functionality of the heart valves.  A stethoscope listens for any abnormal sounds as blood flows through the heart valves, and abnormal turbulance of the blood produces a sound referred to as a murmur.  
It is not unusual to have heart murmur (some leakage of the heart valve), and almost always will not progress nor produce symptoms.  The procedures you list for intervention involve vessel occlusions and not for a valve problem.  If you have serious valve regurgitation (leakage) or stenosis (narrowing of the valve opening),  it is likely you would be short of breath, chest pain, etc.  There should me cause for concern based on the information you have given.

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