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Heart attack

My husband had chest pain, left arm pain nausa feeling. Had to set down to ease it off.  that went on for 2 days it got worste took him to er on the 3rd day.  Pulse 44--body temp-94.5--he was cold--chest pain.Er doctor said it was his heart. they admitted him. done ekg ct scans lab work all come out okay. done a heart catheterization with coronary angiographic. they found anomalous coronary vasculature noted attached to the right coronary artery with appears to be collateralization of the right system with plv branch which appears to be feeding to right heart system noted. This was visualized through right coronary injection feeding to anomalous vasculatrue and artereis, feeding into the right system noted of unknown significance noted. There is some collateralization noted in the distal inferior segment of the left heart noted. All the nurses said they never seen anything like this before and the doctors said the same thing. They couldn't explain what it was or what it was doing there. The only thing they said was you have 2 extra arteries that aren't suppose to be there. After 4 days sent him home. They wouldn't even let him out of bed because he started back hurting.  Don't make sense. After got home he had about 3 more spells.We sure don't know what is going on and they sure don't.  Conclusion: they wrote  Suspected anomalous coronary vasculature possibly feeding into the right heart system.  Have you heard anything like this before? If you have any imput on this please let us know! Thanks were concern Especially they din't know what it was.
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Usually, for some people, collateral vessels develop secondary to a lesion that provides a natural by-pass.  I have collateral vessels that provide a bypass of a completely blocked left descending coronary artery at the apex (top) and collateral vessels feed into the distal portion of the heart.  Not uncommon at all, although some individuals do not develop collateral vessels.

Angiogenesis is another phenomonon of vessel growth.  

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