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Heart murmur question

I am a 54 year old female. I have known for several years that I have a heart murmur.  I saw a new doctor on Friday and she advised me that I have two heart murmurs.  Is this common?  Is it anything to be concerned about?  I am scheduled for a stress test on Thursday.  Thanks for any information.
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For a perspective, murmurs are abnormal sounds heard as blood flows through the heart during your heartbeat cycle.  Most heart murmurs are harmless (innocent) and don't need treatment. Some heart murmurs may require follow-up tests to be sure the murmur isn't caused by a serious underlying heart condition. Treatment, if needed, is directed at the cause of your heart murmurs.

There are four valves that have distinct sounds as blood flows into the heart, through, and out into circulation.  There can be calification on one or more valves, mitral valve prolapse (leaflet doesn't properly close the valve orifice), and/or a hole in the heart that has an abnormal flow between chambers (shunting).  

It wouldn't be unusual to have one or more valves calicified...mitral valve prolapse and a hole between chambers and any combination of the causes.  Also, there could be an innocent murmur with any of the individual causes.

Hope this helps, and if you don't have any symptoms of shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pains, etc. the murmurs may be medically insignificant. Thanks for sharing and take care.

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Thank you for your informative answer to my post.
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You are welcome and thanks for the response.
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