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I have a sharp pain in an artery in the right side of my neck when I inhale

Every now and then I get a stabbing pain in the right side of my neck, in what feels like a blood vessel, every time I inhale. The pain is most intense at my neck but if I take a deep breath I feel the pain trail along the right side of my neck up towards the base of my skull. It usually goes away after I a while, but comes back at random times during the day. I am only 17 in college, I don't play any sports however I used to run cross country and play Lacrosse in high school. My diet isn't the best since I'm in college, but I'm not overweight, I'm actually in pretty good shape, I just don't understand what is causing this pain.
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Good news! Blood vessels dont have nerves! Its likely a muscle that connects the base if your skull to your collarbone.

Its called the sternocleidomastoid muscle.. Quite a big name for a relatively small muscle.

This muscle is also one of the muscles that helps you breath! It works every time you inhale.

Alternatively it could just be a nerve.
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I looked at a picture of the muscle you mentioned and I think that is it based on it's position in the picture and the position of my pain. Thank you so much
Glad i could help silus. Of course this is a message board, so this is no substitute for real live advice from your primary doctor. So please be vigilant about it.

If it helped put your mind at ease though im happy!
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Update: out of curiosity i did some research into carotid artery spasm, which is more of a neuro thing.

Instances in which patients do experience spasms of the carotid seem to experience more migraines, jaw pain and symptoms of neurologic dysfunction as a result of decreased blood flow to the brain.

Its also pretty uncommon and accompanies some sort of trauma or thromboembolic event. Carotid aneurysms can also cause such symptoms, but rarely rupture.

In short there is a small but legitimate possibility that it could be the artery, but i would, put that on the bottom of the list of concerns.

See if it resolves on its own then seek medical advice from your primary doctor. Report to emergency if you experience neurologic symptoms.

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