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Pulse Question

In its simplest form (no complication needed), If I’m able to feel the pulse at a given pulse point (for example, my feet), does that mean that I have circulation at that point?  I know the pulse is the vibration of pressure when the heart beats, which makes me think “yes,” but I suffer from anxiety related to circulation and I’ve been told that if I’m able to feel my feet pulses that I have circulation in my feet.   Thanks
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It means you have at least some circulation at least to the point you’re feeling the pulse yes.

Assessing capillary refill is also helpful. In places where there’s collateral circulation, or blood coming from multiple places, it does not rule out a blockage. But it tells us that there is at least some blood flow coming from somewhere.
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It started after jumping with kids at trampoline park.. I had no issues before I went. But when I got home I got weird sensations in my foot like a coolness and tingling, which my anxiety latched onto and told me it’s bad circulation. Ever since that time my OCD hasn’t been able to detach from that and I’m constantly seeking the reassurance that I’m getting good blood flow.  Everything I’m reading indicates I’m OK.. but I can’t unlatch from it.  

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