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Is Long term inactivity and one swollen leg always ( feedback please )

I’ll keep this as short as possible. My left leg is swollen. I’m sure ( not confirmed ) that it is from long term inactivity to mental health, substance abuse, and depression. Ultra sound on legs ( stat extensive test ) came back normal. Blood tests came back normal. Monday I have an echocardiogram. I didn’t know how detrimental inactivity and poor blood circulation could be to your health ( life threatening)

It’s one leg. I am on blood pressure medications and past substance abuse I am still dealing with.

Does that say heart disease to you. Poor blood circulation. Left leg numb and ignored for months. Poor eating habits, weight gain and not taking care of myself.

I did however realize when I would sit for hours all of my weight was pressed on my left leg and foot. I’m wondering if this is *possible* not to be heart disease or failure and if it is, is there a chance changing and giving my lifestyle a 360 positive change reversible.

I know heart failure has a 5 year life span ( not guaranteed under or over. )

I take blood pressure meds now. I really think it is my lifestyle and not taking care of myself to the point it has given me heart disease. It could be anything.
Considering my liver enzymes were high for a year and losing weight brought them back to normal can this be a possibility with my swelling. ( one leg ). Poor circulation.

Please give me any feedback that might help me with my anticipation anxiety disorder. If I new I had a 80% chance of having cancer ( hypothetically I would not anticipate what it is. )

Any feedback is appreciated & I thank you for reading. Stay safe and God Bless You.
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i was told one leg swelling can be from arthritis, blood clot in that leg, insufficient circulation and heart issues......My mother has it in one leg. Her knee is really swollen on that leg too bec she has bad arthritis in it , they told her to drink more water, get off caffeine and sodas, to get more exercise...at least 400 steps a day instead of laying around, hence swelling can be from kidneys as well from water retention which is really bad....good diet, avoid salt and bad fats etc....more fruits and vegatables....
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