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Is medication a lifelong affair after bypass surgery.?

I think medication becomes less and less gradually in case of persons improving steadily after bypass surgery. Ultimately no medication may be necessary after a particular point of time. Am I right?
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I sure hope so!  Prier to this I took maybe one aspirin a year, then suddenly I had to number each pill bottle (15 in all) and constantly check to see how many of each I needed to take and how often.  Not too long ago I got rid of most (mostly pain killers I never needed in the first place) and ended up with...
Coreg x2/day
Lisinopril x1/day
Simvastatin x1/day
Now I'm back up a few for related problems, they wont be around all the time but the three listed I'm told will be.
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Thanks dear. I am running 5th week after bypass surgery. I am taking the prescribed medicines.I have no other problem whatsoever.So I was thinking if a day will come when no medication will be needed. The surgery in fact has pepped up my urge to keep every subsystem of the body well regulated.Thanks dear.
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By and large,is this an irrelevant question in this community?
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No, it's not an irrelevant question!  In fact it can become very informative. If you're asking for other opinions, just wait a while and others will jump in with their information.
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Thanks dear
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Jogeshwar, where does this "dear" come from?  Where I come from Men don't call each other "dear".
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