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Is a calcium score of 3,573 a death sentence?

LAD 1,053; LCX 710; RCA 1,757.  Both of the technicians asked me if I had an appointment set up with my cardiologist.  The radiologist said he had texted my results to the doctor.  What can I expect next in the way of treatment?

I wouldn't have been surprised at a score of 500-1,000, but this blew my mind.  I walked through the parking lot in a total fog.  Hey, I have a bucket list.
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I wish I knew what the Calsium score represents. Mine was 1223  with  LAD 787 plus the rest and I assumed it was a percentage. Now I am seeing yours and your RCA is 1757. That, of course, can't be a percentage anymore unless it ballooned up to about twice its normal size?
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Thank you for your response.  Can you tell me the course of treatment for you after a high, relatively speaking, score?

I haven't heard from the Doctor's office, yet, so hoped to learn more so I might ask some informed questions.
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I hope this helps:

Calcium scores of 0 identify individuals in the "lowest-risk" group with 10 year risk for cardiac events less than 5%.  

Calcium scores from 81 to 400 identify individuals at increased risk for cardiac events and many of these individuals will be re-stratified to the "intermediate-risk" or "high-risk groups".

Calcium scores above 400 identifies individuals in the "high-risk" group and these individuals also have a high likelihood (>90%) of having at least one significantly obstructed coronary vessel (>70% stenosis).

Individuals with super-high CAC scores, CAC scores > 1000, have an annual cardiac event rates in the range of 18% to 24%.  These individuals should have urgent cardiology referral for testing for inducible ischemia and be treated very aggressively to lower the risk for cardiac events.

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Thank you for your input.

I have a doctor that doesn't communicate very well.  He leaves it to the nurses and they are very noncommittal when I start asking questions.  

When I start reading on the web there is so much information out there that I don't know how to hone in on what is relevant to my situation.

I live alone with relatives out-of-state so have worked myself into a state that can't be healthy.
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Just read this thread after posting on your other thread.  I didn't know you had had the calcium test and the results.  I went into some detail regarding how the calcium score is calculated and what it represents.  Hope this helps and if you have any further questions  or comments you could go to your other thread.  Thanks, take care.
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