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Is chest pain a symptom of heart disease?

For the past hour my chest has been hurting a lot and now my left arm hurts and my left leg feels like there's no blood. My left eye is starting to get blurry. My parents say I shouldn't seek medical attention.In your opinion, should I?
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Anytime you have chest pain they tell you to call 911; however, chest pain is not a deffant sign of heart problems.  I had chest pain, went to my doctor and they said I had Costalcondritis, put me on a NSAID and feel better now.  With that said though you should go to see a Dr. ASAP incase in the off chance it is somthing serious.  Also too anxiety attacks can cause symptoms like that try doing deep breaths and thinking positive.
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From your screen name and the fact that you mentioned your parents, I'm going to guess that you're fairly young. Heart attacks are not impossible in young people but not as likely. But pain is a signal that something is not right and you should be seen by a doctor. Hope you're feeling better by now and have some answers.
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you should always seek attn to the er when this happens..you never know...get a EKG.and multiple blood work to show whats the problem..could be anxiety related  or even gas Artus...but not with the left arm hurting....a heart attack  can happen like this..or angina...always go to er..if have to call the squad..u  never 2nd guess a heart pain never..
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