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Is that is a heart attack?.

I am 39 yrs old I have chest pain radiating to back,shortness of breath .no history of palpitation.hapitalised and they done coronary angiogram was done  through right radial route

Can u pls tell me risk of branch vessel disease
It is a heart attack or heart problem?
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From what I understand from the brief report is:

you had an inferior wall myocardial infarction (IWMI).
You now have a normal sinus rhythm (NSA) with a slightly decreased pump function of the heart (MILD LV DYSFUNCTION)
The coronary angiography (CAG) shows that you have blockage in two coronary arteries

So, you suffered a heart attack and are diagnosed with multiple vessel coronary artery disease (CAD).

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Did your doctor already discuss with you how your CAD is going to be treated? (i.e. medication only, placing multiple  stents or bypass surgery)
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Actually I am a event manager , my job is very hectic ,how can I control my tension ,I have to work in this field no other option ,I have to take care of my family , I used to drink and smoke , can u pls tell me ,how can I protect myself after this heart attack
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Take the prescribed medication.
High blood pressure is a real killer in the long run. Be sure that your bp is well under control.

Stop smoking as it is a major cause of coronary heart disease.
Limit drinking alcohol or stop completely.

The benefit from diet and exercising depends on your actual condition. If you are severely overweight, losing weight could really benefit you.

Reduce your stress levels. When you yourself experience your job as very hectic, it is a sure sign that it is not doing your health a favor.
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