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Left side chest pain under breast that come and goes

Hello Good Morning Every One, I am very much worried about my chest pain which was first occur previous month and then i perform blood test and Ecg .Blood Test show that my total cholesterol level 221 and triglyceride 178 i am at 29 years old and my body weight 63 kg which i reduced within one month to 60 kg and perform blood test again which show total cholesterol 188,serum triglyceride 154,HDL 31 LDL 131.After that my GP Prescribed  only omeperazole 20 mg capsule and antacid tablet.After 5 days i admitted hospital due to chest pain and another blood test performed where cardiac Troponin shows 0 but CKMB 19.0 and ECG Normal, x-ray normal and doctor advised  me to show a cardiologist. After 10 days after taking schedule of cardiologist when i felt pain and perform another cardiac troponin and CKMB Test which show troponin=0 and CKMB =25.8 U/L .After that cardiologist perform 2D Echo and Stress test and after that told me that the not related to heart ,it may be muscle pain or others ..and prescribed muscadol tablet and omeperazole. But pain still happening ,it make me worried.Another doctor called me to visit a psychiatrist.What should i do..please advice...i am very much worried when pain occured..i also have some constipation and Gastric acidity and try to avoid all bad foods and a nonsmoker.
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It sounds to me very probable that it is the result of anxiety.

Your cholesterol is borderline high but that does not mean that you are at high risk for heart disease at your age. These levels could perhaps cause heart problems in a couple of decades from now.

Elevated levels of CKMB do not necessarily mean that there is damage to heart muscle cells.
The diagnosis of myocardial injury should never be based solely on the presence of creatine kinase MB isoenzyme in the serum.
There are many other reasons for elevated levels of CKMB. Being underweight may cause elevated levels too. What is your length? Is 60kg a healthy weight for you?

Dear Sir,
Last one month i done exercise and avoid all type fatty food (Mainly dependent on vegetables and rice ) and done one hours walking and after that i monitor my total cholesterol 15 days ago and it show 188 and LDL 134 and HDL 31 and tg may be 150  and perform 4 or more ecg and 3 or more cardiac troponin test that show all time zero and doctor says my ecg normal and 3 test  ALT AST Creatinine all were within range only one test found creatinine out of limit.But i felt chest pain go to doctor with worrying and comeback home with gastric medication. I also felt burning sensation at noon time on my  back and chest pain occasionally at night .I monitor my blood pressure and it was always normal only at late night show 130/90 mm hg when i could not sleep.I have no family history of  heart disease and i am in 5 feet 6 inch height with 58 kg which reduced from 62 kg from previous two month my ALP Level always low 45 or near in all three test my GGT ,ADH all are normal.Please suggest what would  
i do for my chest pain.
its better if u give some effective advice regarding this scenario.
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It sounds to me that you are overly concerned and perhaps suffering from anxiety and stress. Perhaps it would be a good idea to follow that other doctor's advice and visit a psychiatrist.
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One of my doctor also told me to do so but i searching it is physical or mental.some time discomfort come and some time go...all day once or twice or more.
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Dear Sir,
I try to my self matching with this scenario as  i shifted from my home land to another country Bangladesh- Kuwait and experiencing such thing but very much depressed when the symptoms appearing.How i minimize those Please advice .

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It is impossible for me to advice you further in this. I am no doctor.

As I already said, it would perhaps be a good idea to visit a psychiatrist and discuss your problems with anxiety and depression..

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Please help me out from this situation.Last two month ago my blood pressure fluctuate  slightly but not more than 135/95 mm hg .I am 30 years old and a married guy.Last three month ago  I was shifted from my homeland Bangladesh to Kuwait .After arriving 1.5 month all things goes well but after one month i was done blood test for my blood pressure and result shown my cholesterol level slightly high which was 5.75 mmol/l which means 222 and triglyceride was also slightly high which was 178 and after that my GP suggest me to observe my blood pressure seven days .After that i start to monitor and found at late night when i experienced sleeping problem then my blood pressure going high but not more than 140/95 mm hg. Then doctor told me to modify my life style and I start exercise every day and avoid to take fatty food.After 10 days passing with this exercise and modifying diet i was experienced chest pain beneath my left beast bone and gp suggest me to take proton pump inhibitor and domperidone and i do that but the scenario not change .After passing one month with this condition i was admitted in hospital due to chest pain and casualty doctor perform x-ray,blood test,cardiac enzyme profile test,ECG and every thing come normal and send back to home with muscle relaxant.After three or four days i was admitted in hospital with same complaint and observe that my body weight reduced 62 to 60 kg on this time and i am in 5 feet 6 inch height.Then next day casualty doctor recommended lipid profile test and refereed to cardiologist.My lipid profile after one and half month exercising and diet improving .Total cholesterol 188 and TG 151 and HDL 31.On this time i perform 8 th or more ECG For same complain and 5 or more Cardiac enzyme test all are found within limit except one test CMBX found 25.88 where its level 1-24.After a long painful waiting of another 1 days i get appointment with cardiologist and he perforn 2D Echo and stress test and told me that the pain not from cardiac origin.But after one or two days i experienced same pain which is not so mild but a slight pain sensation at a point .sometimes under the throat, sometimes center of the chest ,sometime under breast bone and burning sensation on middle left back and sometime below the armpit.When this sensation occur i get much worried and admitted in hospital done ecg ,blood cardiac profile ,report get normal and send back to home.On thee meantime i take gastric medication like omeperazole 20 mg twice daily,Gaviscon and domperidone ( 5 days).After a Casualty doctor told me it is a psychiatric problem but i get symptoms physically and he also reffered me to gastroenterologist and my gastroenterologist prescribe those medication that i already take .After one week i get schedule of Endoscopy upper and it also come normal.What should i do on this situation ? Now weight reduced dramatically and i am now 57 KG,
Pain Type:
Not so harsh,Slight cramping type pain
one time in one location and change location
Burning sensation at middle left back ,most of the time middle of the day
Cramping of abdominal muscle after talking food
Constipation and gassy stool
I am also asthmatic patient.
sometime get relief after defecation and belching
Sometime pain in shoulder or arms but look like within bone
Most of the time pain is now under arms and throat .
Sometimes the pain is also Right chest Report  Share
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Present History :
Maxium time throat crushing just like spasm and not so pain but discomfort at left arm occurs at maximum at evening to mid night 7.30 pm to 11 pm and for those perform another 4 ECG that come with Normal Report and two with Blood Report with Normal Cardiac Profile which come with Normal Report  and also an x- Ray which also normal.Last early night i experiencing same and goes to hospital and casualty doctor suggest to perform ECG Which also come normal and come with home and after a while experiencing some tingling not like pain in teeth and after admitted hospital and perform blood test where ALT AST GGT Came with normal Glucose slightly high( may be after eating ) creatinine 115.4umol/l which is high and Creatinine Kinase 88 and cmbx 18.1 But Cardiac Troponin IA2 is 0.01ng/ml where Ref Range 0.00-0.04 ng /ml.After that doctor told me nothing in your heart its on your mind and referred to Psychiatry.My Cardiologist also told the same and scheduled to perform Nuclear stress test on 18 th may 2016 and if report come negative then he wanted to referred me to orthopedics .Now what i do as i destroy myself mentally and financially. Searching for Reassurance .
All time ECG Show Normal Variant ECG and Sinus Rhythum.
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