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Leg pain after angiogram

I had an angiogram on 12/27/12. Since having my leg is hurting in the thigh area and in the groan area. Put ice on groan area and heating pad on thigh. Called hospital where procedure was done, said this is normal. When I walk I am limping. Really painful. IS THIS NORMAL. this is my first angiogram. Worried about clotting in the leg.
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After five days the discomfort usually starts to diminish. However, it could be that the angioseal is compressing your nerve which runs right under the artery. The angioseal slowly dissolves over a period of 90 days, but in a few more days the pressure should be relieved from the nerve. If it continues after that time, there is a possibility that the cardiologist has accidentally damaged the nerve when making the incision. If this has happened, it will take a while longer to recover.
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Thank you very much.
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I had an angiogram done mid Feb 2013. I am still experiencing cramping/aching pain down the inside of my right leg all the way to my calve. also recently some stabbing pain in my upper inner thigh. most prominent when i stand or walk. starting to worry bout blood clot?? Will consult my dr. best of luck to alll.
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Grammy5680, I feel your pain.  My cerebral angiogram was May 16, 2013, and I am still dealing with horrible pain in my right leg and groin, which wakes me up at night.  In June, my Neurologist performed an ultrasound and discovered a pseudo-aneurysm and then had to perform an ultrasound guided compression to 'irradiate' it (make it stop).  Three months later I remain in great pain.  This afternoon, I went to a Vascular specialist who performed another ultrasound.  The pseudo-aneurysm is gone but now I need a CT scan because there is suspected nerve damage that travels down my leg, and a hematoma at the site which is causing pain.

I suggest you find a doctor who will perform an ultrasound to confirm whether or not there is an aneurysm at the site as your issues are identical to mine.  Good luck!
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I had angiogram done on 11/23/15 after procedure it's been almost 3wks and I am still in pain & limping I have pain in my groin down my thigh and cramps up. IT is hard for me to walk for to long pain is consistent and still no answers.
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I just had an angiogram on 9/2/16.  I relate with some of you.  I have a small hard hematoma, the size of a marble, and it has been bothering me.  I get pain in my calf, front part of leg, and part of the buttocks.  I am in pain and used ice to help.  I will be calling my doctor Minday and see if I can get an ultra sound.  I was told that after 5 days I ca go back to normal and it has not happen yet.  I hope everyone who posted before me has had full recovery.
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