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My heart is fluttering why?

My heart has been fluttering for about two years now. It does it once a week for a few seconds then stops. I do not have panic attacks and i am not on any medication. My heart also feels full of blood, (best way to describe it) when it flutters. When it feels like that its almost similar to when you've eaten too much and your stomach feels too full. My Dr. told me all of this was due to stomach acid. I have a hard time beliving that. I feel like there is something else going on but do not know what. Thnks.

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anxiety disorders can cause many different symptoms which can make  you feel as if your heart is out of whack. also stomach problems (ingestion) can too.. if you feel as if the fluttering is causing you to be scared about your heart please seek medical attention from a cardiologist and get an EKG done which than u can be able to find out if your heart is okay.
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You would be surprised at how common this is.  I had that too in my late 20s to early 30s.  I want you to read the following post. It has some great advise and info for you.


Take care, Ally
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i agree with your doctor ,,stomach acids can do more than that believe me ,,anyway  the best test for you to be sure is take a walk for a 15 min ,,if you dont feel dizziness or tired then there is nothing to worry about it
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