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I was diagnosed with PVC well over 4 years ago after having the gamut of heart tests run. I was prescribed 50mg Metoprolol. I took myself off.  
Recently I was diagnosed  with Fibromyalgia and was prescribed Savella.
After 30 days of Savella, I want back to the Dr. He could not increase the dosage as he was hearing an irregular heart beat.  Today, I went to my family doctor. She listened to my heart and she said it sounds like it skips a beat - then catches up and then kind of goes nuts at the end.   They ran an EKG and said it showed AFIB; but that my heart doesnt Stay in AFIB. She has prescribed a 24 hr holter. My question is this - does this all sound extremely serious or no?
I am 59 yr female and morbidly obese.
Could you please give me your opinion of the above information.
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"does this all sound extremely serious or no?"  NO
"morbidly obese. " that  is extramly serious in my opinion. You must do  in your own interest something about that.
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Well, as this seems to be the only reply and opinion for afib ,guess I will go elsewhere. Vienna13, you merely pointed out the elephant in the room, but did not expound on the question.  Thanks and goodbye - I hope you treat other newbies a bit better.  
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Your morbid obasity can be the reason you  have Atrial Fibrillation, it was a valid point from me to... "pointed out the elephant in the room" as you put it. :)

   Don't shoot the messenger .:)

    There is a good info.


" Morbid obesity problems are manifold. One of the major concerns of morbid obesity is its strong association with heart disease. Morbid obesity affects the heart in a number of problematic ways, it can lead to:

•Congestive Heart Failure: The heart simply becomes weak due to excessive use and the heart muscle fails to pump blood around the body.

•Atherosclerotic Heart Disease: This is when the arteries of the heart develop fatty plaques of different shapes and sizes.

•Atrial Fibrillation: This is more prevalent in morbidly obese individuals occurring when the atrial chambers causes an irregular beating of the heart.

•Malignant Arrhythmias: These are very serious irregular disturbances of the heart that can sometimes lead to sudden death.

•Cardiovascular Disorders: High blood pressure can cause heart attacks, heart failure and kidney failure, while increased prevalence of diabetes can further complicate the problems.

Other Morbid Obesity Problems

But morbid obesity doesn’t just affect the heart. The excess weight carried by a morbidly obese individual general causes problems in all the areas of the respiratory system. These prblems include:

•Vascular disease: The most severe been strokes which can result in brain damage. This is often caused by blockages (occlusions) of cerebral or carotid arteries. Other vascular diseases include edema of the lower parts of the body and deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremities (dangerous blood clots that can be dislodged and become trapped in other more dangerous parts of the body).

•Respiratory Disease: The heaviness of a morbidly obese individual can disturb their capacity to breathe properly. This can cause poor lung absorption of oxygen and cause a problem with their capacity to get rid of carbon dioxide resulting in hypoventilation. Other respiratory abnormalities include asthma, upper airway obstruction and pulmonary emboli (clots trapped in the lungs).

The Complications Continues

But the whole body is affected by the excess weight of the morbidly obese. Every organ system, every tissue type is stressed and pressured within a morbidly obese invidual. Other complications due to extreme obesity includes:

•Gastro-Intestinal Disease

•Renal Failure


•Arthritis and Orthopaedic Problems

•Hormonal Disorders

Morbidly obese people rarely live full productive lives. The problems associated with disease are just too much and the odds too great to surmount."

Take care.

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