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Pressure on chest causing heart palpitations?

(sorry if this is to long) but a few months ago I ended up in the ER for extreme heart palpitations and shortness of breath I  almost passed out while I was walking home (I was carrying two large pizzas and a small grocery bag full of stuff) so I went to the Er and they did some blood tests and they all came back normal.
They were about to send me home until I showed them that whenever I cough or put any type of pressure on my chest my heart rate goes up (it went up to 180 when I coughed at the ER) it went back down to normal range after a little while so they sent me home and they scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist. He did an echo and everything looked normal and he couldn’t explain what was happening so he prescribed me metoprolol to see if it helps. But it doesn’t really help because the only time I really feel the fast heart rate is when I’m clenching my chest / coughing or lifting something that’s heavy enough to cause my chest to tighten up.

Has anyone ever had this issue? Should I try to consult with a different cardiologist and see what they say?
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If I recall, you're a 19 year old female, it would be incredibly rare for you to have issues at your age, but it is possible. Increase heart rate from coughing or lifting would seem to be quite normal. Sounds like you should have a further discussion with your cardiologist or seek a second opinion if you are concerned.
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Do you have dyspnea, pressure or pain?
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