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Salt intake

Assuming you already consume a normal amount of sodium, what conditions would cause a cardiologist to recommend increasing your salt intake to more than the average daily amount?
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If you have hyponatremia maybe.  Did they do a blood test?  How long did they say to eat more then average sodium?
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Low sodium level in the blood may result from excess water or fluid in the body, diluting the normal amount of sodium so that the concentration appears low. This can be the result of chronic conditions such as kidney failure (when excess fluid cannot be efficiently excreted) and congestive heart failure, in which excess fluid accumulates in the body.

Sometimes been referred to as "water intoxication," especially when it is due to the consumption of excess water, for example during strenuous exercise, without adequate replacement of sodium.

You may recall having been warned when engaged in sports to take some salt when drinking water by the coach...may have had salt tablets available!

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my doctor said I couldn't get enough sodium - I have to have between 7-10 g daily due to neurocardiogenic syncope & orthostatic intolerance (autonomic nervous system problems)
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Hyponatremia is not present... the blood level of sodium is at a good level.
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I wonder if blood levels can differ from muscle level sodium.  I know magnesium can read normal on blood test but there can not be enough mag in the muscle.  

Curious.  I hope you are not suffering.
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msqs my levels are normal limits also, always have been - how is your BP?

Drs tell patients to add salt/sodium to their diets (salt loading) with ANS problems

there's a dysautonomia (autonomic dysfuction) community here under related communites,  with a ton of info on ANS problems if that's what the cause is

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