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Sneezing arm pain

I too have pains in my arms when I sneeze. I am well-aware of what a nerve pain feels like as I have had many problems with pinched nerves over the years. This is NOT a nerve pain. It definately feels like it is coming from my cardiovascular system.
The pains start near the middle of my biceps on my inner-arm and run almost to my wrists. Sometimes my arm also feels tight as if my blood vessels are contracting or something.
I cannot find a solid answer on the net for this, but found a lot of people asking this question. What can it be??

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I too have the same problem i just sneezed a bit ago and the pain started on in my back by my shoulder blade, moved down my right arm into my bicep just above the elbow, then got to my wrist where the pain was excruciating.
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my name is abdalla from egypt  im 30 175 cm 105 kg
i have the same problem  i fell strong pain in my arm after sneezing not always but when it happen its very strong like fire starting from my shoulder and moving in my veins  to the tip of my finger it very strong it makes me cant do any thing for about five minutes
i ask many doctors and every one of them haven't hear any thing like this.
i try over the net and i didnt find any help .
is any one have an idea.
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