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Survival rate for ejection fraction of 40

What is the average survival rate for someone with an ejection fraction rate of 40? A doctor told my husband he may only have 2 years to live. He's only 52 years old. Last year he had a heart attack and a triple by-pass, which caused moderate heart damage in the form of a crease. His only risk factors were stress and genetics. He is now on a vegan diet, with the exception of eating fish.
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I read a report which analysed patients in the netherlands having received bypass surgery and had a low EF. Going by these results, I find your Doctor a bit off track. Here are the statistics for an EF of 35-50
After 1 year, 9 out of 10 survived
After 5 years, 8 out of 10 survived
After 10 years, 6 out of 10 survived

Have they suggested an Echo every year?
There are other factors that go into EF, such as even heart rate.  I would suggest note the number, more importantly what are his symptoms?  These is New York scale going type--essentially no symptoms to unable to get out of bed.  I have had a mildly low, below 50% for at least 10 years and symptoms for 7 but still exercise, get around unaided but can only walk so far and huge water weight fluctuations.  I am grade III which quite serious heart failure and maintain a not too bad EF.  Most cardiologists go by that standard...they are still researching how correlative the EF (which is an estimated number) to symptoms, treatment and longevity recognizing that people don't die from numbers or %, but from uncontrollable signs and symptoms.  Ask your cardiologist why he says such a short longevity, but certainly don't give up at all.  There are a lot of people alive who live well beyond 10 years unless you are quite old.  I have had heart disease since I was born 63 years ago.  I was told when I was 17 that I would not live past the age of 25.  Well, that was 40 years ago.
Thank you for your motivation you are better than my dad's doctor his left ventricular ejection fraction is 30 - 35 %.
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Fortunately Drs. make mistakes.

I suffered a HA 5 and half years ago who left me with a 23-25% of EF.

I am still alive and making a quite normal life.

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Doctors are practicing, and while they are, we are patient with them.
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well your doc has made a worrying statement to you. EF of 40% if it were to hold at that, is not too bad. A lot of people have a much lower EF AND ARE STILL ALIVE. he has all the facts to judge this, but its a scary comment to be making. Get a second opinion to try reassure you all. Is there any chance of improvement to ef? or can drugs help it at all?
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If a person is 83 and has 25% heart function what are the risks of the surgery to put a pacemaker in?
There's very little risk in implanting a pacemaker and I don't know why EF% would matter. I know my mom had one out in at 87 with low EF and it seemed to go very well. Did you ask her doctor?
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If the heart enlarged and enlarging that could bring a bad ending, maybe soon.  I have an echo every two years as I had mitral valve surgery to stop the atrium enlargement. That was in 2007 and my hear and I are getting along fairly well, well I'm still ALIVE, at least.  My EF is about 60, but my atriums are about useless so I suffer some of the symptoms of low EF, dizziness when changing activity level from sitting to just standing up.  My cardiologist doesn't see me in any risk of a near term death, in fact we just change for a checkup every 6 months to once a year.  Good luck, keep a eye/check on the EF.
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