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What are complications after having a defibrillator inplantment?

Are there any major or small side effects associated with having this surgery. My mother had surgery done about a month ago and she is having stomach pains and shortness of breath as well as nausea and i would like to know if that is common once you've had the surgery or is there another problem going on that she is not aware of.
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My Dad had an ICD implanted and he did not have any of the side effects you described.  He had a little arm soreness and a hiccup like feeling in his abdomen from the third lead touching a nerve.  He's OK with the hiccup feeling since the third lead may benefit him in the long run.  He is doing well with the unit.  Talk with your mom about touching base with her cardio.
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I just recently had a mitral valve replacement, an EP study, an ablation and then an ICD implant.  This has all been since April.  This has been extremely stressful to me and would appreciate any help from anyone who may have had any of these done.  I hope that life becomes a little more easier and the stress level lessens.  I haven't met anyone who has had all this done so there has been no one to talk to about the feelings that we have.  All this has been really scary and has definitely caused a lot of anxiety. Any help appreciated.
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